The 48th International Festival of Plucked Instruments in La Rioja is included among several activities from International Biennial of Plucked Music in La Rioja (BIP-Rioja 2024). It’s organized by ConTrastes-Rioja, a non-profit Association, in order to promote the music for guitar and plucked instruments.


To impulse and encourage the composition and the public performance of music composed for plucked instruments, with ensembles formed by bandurrias, laúdes, mandolins, domras, guitars, etc.

To promote the music exchange and spread the cultural and artistic heritage in La Rioja, especially the wine culture, among the participants and entrants in the Festival.

To arrive with this music to the biggest entry and spread the original music for guitar and plucked instruments into the audience.

To sustain the international musical encounter held over 56 years in La Rioja, considered as a main international reference in plectrum music.


  1. Dates for the Festival are 20th to 25th in August 2024 (both inclusive).
  2. Can submit their entry forms every soloist, chamber groups and orchestras included in the rules of this call, and the Selection Committee will select them.
  3. The ENTRY FORM with be full-filled ONLINE through the web www.plectrorioja.com.
  • Link to one LIVE VIDEO recording, at least 45 min. long (Full HD quality) in any streaming platform (Vimeo, YouTube). Video recording is essential, although it’s not important the recording quality, but the performance.
  • You must send a short dossier with the CV and all the expert information you consider important for us to know.
  • One concert program lasting one hour long. The Selection Committee will consider this proposal.

4. Participants in this Festival compromise themselves to play as many times as organizers consider necessary to do and to stay for the entire duration of the Festival. (Between 20th to 25th in August 2024, both inclusive).

5. The Selection Committee will decide in any case the final selection to be a participant in the Festival and will contact them.

6. Selected participants must pay a FEE. This money will be pay back to participants when they arrive to the Festival. If some group, soloist or orchestra doesn’t pay the fee in the right date the Selection Committee will exclude them. In any case the selected ones will lose their fees if they don’t come to the Festival.

  • Groups up to 4 members: 300 €
  • Groups between 5 and 10 members: 500 €
  • Groups over 10 members: 800 €



  • 15th January in 2024: last day for sending the required materials through form in www.plectrorioja.com web site.
  • 1st March in 2024: last day for selected participants to pay the FEE and to inform about the total number of people to assist in the Festival, included accompanying persons.
  • 15th March in 2024: resolution of elected participants by the Selection Committee.
  • From 20th to 25th in August 2024: Festival holding.



ConTrastes-Rioja Association will support the cost for accommodation IN DOUBLE ROOM and full board of musicians for the days they stay in the Festival.

ConTrastes-Rioja won’t support the trips to and from Logroño, although the Association will manage the necessary journeys to assist to performances and activities.

Accompanying people must pay all their accommodation and full board expenses, but ConTrastes-Rioja may look for the same place to lodge if it would be possible. Participants must confirm the number of accompanying persons before 1st March in 2024. After that, organizers can’t manage for them.

Mail to the Festival will be done by email to info@plectrorioja.com